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Platinum Pharma Tech Fluid Bed Coater is designed for uniform coatings of pellets. The process begins with a simple dryer unit, to which several different optional packages may be added from conversion to granulation, film coating and pellet coating. It is up to 400% faster than the conventional coating methods. The Pellets are coated with the help of a wrester design product chamber, with bottom spray Gun and Partition in the center of a distribution plate. The air distribution plate is designed to give uniform air flow for uniform coating without agglomeration. The Pellets when coated with the coater solution will be lifted to a height that they get fairly even by the time they reach the product chamber thus avoiding agglomeration.

This Version of the machinery is meant for Research and Development Labs, Schools & Colleges, apart establishments specializing in such endeavors. Small in size, they are always the exact replica of the regular Production machineries.

  • All contact parts SS 316
  • All other parts SS 304
  • Hinged Expansion chamber for easy of cleaning
  • Electric Heaters or Steam Heaters (based on Customer specifications)

  • Flame proof electrical parts
  • Fresh air filter – HEPA filter (Air Handling Unit)
  • Process Automation PLC Control

  • Coating is done with the minimum loss of spraying solution
  • Uniform coating on Pellets
  • High efficiency drying
  • Operational time 60% of the coating pan time
  • Pellet stability improved.
  • Zero Pollution
  • Minimal maintenance is required
  • Very economic

Technical Specifications

Model No


Volume In KGS

1-5 Kg

Working Capacity

1-10 liters

Electrical Load Consumption

1.5 w + 4.5 Kw





Spray Gun

1 NO

Blower CFM

2000 CFM

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