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The Platinum Pharmatech VibroSifter is suitable for quick separation of granules and Powder forms, in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Dairy, Food, Paints, Ceramic, Rubber, abrasives, Plastic, Printing ink, Petroleum, Cosmetics industries It is bases on the gyratory principle and is provided with a single centrally mounted vibratory motor with adjustable eccentric loads for different vibration amplitudes.

The Deck hopper is fabricated from SS316 sheet .To collect the discharge, Tangential discharge port is provided on the hopper. Conical shape top lid is provided with charging port. Screen is fitted in between the hopper top lid. The machine inner & outer surfaces are mirror polished.

  • VibroSifters are used in grading dry powder granules in pharmaceuticals manufacture, Chemical Industries and in Food processing establishments
  • cGMP Model with contact parts are made using SS 316. While Non-Contact Parts in SS 304.
  • Amplitude of Vibratory Motion adjustable through moveable eccentric weight.
  • The machine can easily be dismantled, cleaned & assembled through quick opening SS 316 clamps.
  • Portable mounted on sturdy Castor Wheels. The Vibrating assembly is isolated by rugged springs.
  • Finish: Inside - 0.3 Ra. Mirror Polish. Outside - 0.3 Ra. Mirror Polish.
  • Independent Jacks for lifting the machine off the floor for effective sifting.
  • Dust free docking station for loading and Unloading.
  • Silicon Bonded Integrated Mesh.
  • CE Certified.
  • Silicon Balls for Lump Breaking & Mesh cleaning.
  • Vibro Sifter consists of the vertical vibrating motor, a sieve bottom, a mesh frame, screening room, the rubber vibrating bowl. This machine can be used for single layer or multiple layers grading.

Advantage of VibroSifter
  • Compact structure, convenient operations and maintenances, stable running, low noise, large quantities of materials-treating, good fineness, strong applicability, etc.
  • Variation in Vibro Sifter: Double & Triple deck screens with outlet and hopper for bottom deck available on request.
  • MOC of screen is SS 304/SS316 or SS 316L as per customer requirement.
  • Vibro Sifter is available in 12", 20”, 30" 48 & 60” Capacities.

Technical Specifications



Contact parts






AISI 316 grade SS

Ø340mm, Silicon Molded Type, Wire Mesh

Silicon (Pharmaceutical Grade)

10 to 30 Kg/hr (depending upon Screen & products)

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