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The Platinum Pharmatech Screw Extruder

SE –Screw Cone Design Extruder for Processing Granules 0.5mm-10mm Size.

This Method of extrusion has one screw transferring the material to the required size of perforated meshes; needles coming out of the extruder are collected.

The Meshes are available in 4 sizes - 0.5mm to 2mm.

The Extruder is designed and constructed to facilitate efficient and effective cleaning to meet the cGMP practices.

Main Body of extruder is constructed in stainless steel 304, the main purpose is to hold the complete assembly consisting of a Motor, Gearbox, and a Controls & Extrusion assembly.

Extrusion Assembly
  • Transfering Screw will be Provided.
  • Conical Extrution head with 1mm Mesh fixed with tri-clover clamp.
  • The assembly is closed by tri-clover clamps for easy in operations.
  • Bearing & oil-seals isolated so that do not come in contact with product.
  • All Gaskets in silicon food grade rubber red/white in colour.

Hopper Assembly
  • Material of Construction of all parts and material used for sub-assemblies: Stainless Steel 316.
  • ½ Liters Capacity feed hopper mounted above the extrusion assembly with feeding plate, the function of this hopper is to feed the transfer screws.

Confirm to cGMP Standards.


  • Screw is driven by 1HP Motor coupled to the reduction gearbox of 15:1 Ratio.
  • VFD is provided to get the screw rotate at 20 To 100 rpm.
  • Power Consumption:1 HP.
  • Contact Parts: Stainless Steel 316.
  • Non-Contact Parts: Stainless Steel 304.

Surface Finish:

  • Dull Matt Finish for exteriors while internal parts are mirror polished.
  • All corners rounded off to a smooth finish.

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