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The Platinum Pharmatech Spheroidiser is used in conjunction with extruder for conversion of needles into spherical spheres/Pellets .
The Spheroidiser is designed and constructed to facilitate efficient and effective cleaning to assist the customer in his conformance with current good manufacturing Practices.
SPH-250Minimum Processing capacity:1Kgs/Batch
SPH-250Maximum Processing Capacity:5kgs/Batch
Note: Output depends upon the Bulk Density and Material Specific Properties

  • The drum is designed to rotate in such a way that the discharge can be achieved from any side.
  • Fixed with chequered plate 3.25mm pitch, dynamically balanced easily removable for cleaning with screw arrangement.
  • Drum Covers made in acrylic small opening in off center for feeding material during operation.
  • 250mm Drum diameter.
  • All gaskets in silicon food grade rubber red/white in color.

Discharges Assembly
  • Sealed leak tight fitting, pneumatic cylinder fixed with tubing’s for Discharge
  • Hopper made in stainless steel 316 fixed with acrylic cover for discharge.

Drive Assembly
  • 1HP TEFC,1440 RPM Flange mounted, voltage of operation options:220V/50Hz/1 Phase.
  • Power Consumption:1HP
  • Compressed air Consumption:1-2 CFM(In case of Spheroiniser -250)
  • Compressed air pressure:3-4kgs(In case of Spheroiniser -250)
  • Additional Chequered plate 2.0mm pitch,dynamically Balanced.

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